Slot Overview: Squealin’ Riches

Pear Fiction Studios, a Microgaming partner, tackles one of the most lasting themes in slots: that of opulence and wealth. Squealin’ Riches is in the generic slot category, but it stands out thanks to its popular ‘New York, New York’-inspired soundtrack featuring Frank Sinatra. The setting evokes Scrooge McDuck’s bank vault, which is stocked with gold money and where he frequently dives and swims. That’s appropriate, seeing as how Squealin’ Riches is a slot machine dedicated to the worship of Mammon, whereby all symbols have some connection to monetary success. Everything about this design is about money, from the piggy banks to the icons depicting money. Squealin’ Riches isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t have anything to do with being rich.

The game is played on a 5 reel, 1,024 win way reel set, and there are several dials, features, and meters around the playing area. At first glance, the flashy presentation and reward ladder on the screen’s left may remind you a lot of Blazing Mammoth. These aren’t the same games at all. Squealin’ Riches is a conventional hold-and-win/jackpot event rather than the 9 Masks approach of Blazing Mammoth. The potential return on this one is 96.05%, but the success rate is just 27% of the time, making it extremely risky. Its coin vault may be accessed from any device, and bets ranging from 20 percent to £/€20 can be placed.

The 1,024 ways-to-win structure is a nice feature of Squealin’ Riches. If at least three identical symbols fall on left-to-right, neighboring reels, the corresponding win is tallied. Four J-A icons, a stack of bills, a purse of cash, a bag of money, and a safe are the eight usual payments on the table. Five of a type of the latter premium symbols will result in a payout that is three to ten times the wager. The wild symbol is helpful since it may stand in for any other icon, with the exception of the bonus and scatter icons.

Features of the Squealing-Rich Slot Machine

With a variety of collectible, hold-and-win, triggerable, and wheel-based elements, Squealin’ Riches is sure to wow gamers. Let’s start with the jackpot-granting gold coin bonus symbols. When 6 or more bonus symbols appear anywhere in view, all reels will respin for 3 times to begin the Locknwin feature. The number of spins is reset to 3 if fresh bonus symbols appear. All visible rewards are awarded when the number of spins reaches zero or the screen is filled. During the Holdnwin, a wide variety of symbols might appear, including:

Depending on their frequency, cash symbols can return anywhere from 1x to 25x the wager.

All on-screen coins may be multiplied by a factor of up to ten by upgrading symbols.

The use of jackpot upgrade symbols will result in a rise of one jackpot level.z

Prizes for seeing the Mini, Minor, Major, Grand, or Epic Jackpot symbols are fifty, one hundred, two hundred and fifty, one thousand, and five thousand times the initial wager.

In addition, the Bonus Wheel Progress Bar is populated anytime a bonus symbol appears during the main game. Players can spin the Bonus Wheel for a chance at the Jackpot, an instant cash award, or free games after the meter has filled up.

Free games can also be triggered by getting three scatter symbols anywhere in the main game. To begin, players can spin the Free Spins Wheel for the chance to win 10-30 free games. Then, you may use the granted free spins to risk for even more rewards. If you lose the wager, the feature is skipped and a Mystery Wheel spins to provide a cash prize. It’s possible to get more free spins, and they work just as regular spins.

The additional step of having the choice to purchase more features comes next. If the Free Spins Wheel or Bonus Wheel are both active, players can spin either one for 33.24x their wager or 55.02x their investment, respectively.

The Slots Are Rigging You to Win Big!

Squealin’ Riches is just another slot machine that fits in with the crowd of money-themed games. It’s one of the genre’s jazzier, more cheerful entrants, so gamers interested in games with a financial focus could like it. The sound effects in Squealin’ Riches make even the smallest of actions stand out, making up for the fact that the game’s features aren’t really ground-breaking. It’s easy to lose track of time in the midst of all the action, and it might come as a shock to look at the balance after being engrossed in a session and realize that it’s been completely wiped out.

Despite the irony, Squealin’ Riches is an excellent slot machine for taking your mind off of your money. It achieves this by constantly collecting coins, maintaining an optimistic outlook, and scoring hits at a rate of around 35% of the time. Even if the quick cash wins from filling the Bonus Wheel Progress Bar didn’t add up to more than 10 times the stake during testing, it’s still something to look forward to. It’s not impossible for this wheel to award bonuses or spins at no cost, but you shouldn’t bank on it. Squealin’ Riches may repay up to 13,512 times a player’s wager if Lady Luck is on their side. Since the base Epic Jackpot is only 5,000x, you’ll need a couple tier increases to get the most out of it.

There aren’t any really novel features to try out in Squealin’ Riches, despite the patented Holdnwin bonus round. However, if you feel the urge to be constantly amazed by the game, this one could satisfy that craving thanks to its abundance of jackpots, wheels, collectibles, and meters. In comparison to other slot machines, such as Piggy Riches Megaways, Squealin’ Riches lacks character, but it does provide a lot of money-themed action in a cheery setting.

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